Portrait Lens Choice

Nikkor 180mm /2.8

So back to the what lens question. For day to day use, I often have a 35mm or 50mm on the camera, and I can see why so many people are attracted to the Voigtländer 40mm f/1.2 and Nikon 40mm f/2; but I am still experimenting on what should be my go to lens in the studio.

I know a number of photographers that have standardised on the 24-105; 24-120mm f/4 and certainly for event photography its a very useful range.

A 180mm can be very pleasing for headshots but not one for regular use.

135mm f/2.8

The 135mm f/1.8 Z lens from Nikon looks stunning but is it too long for studio use. I took my 70-200mm f/2.8 to the studio last month and did a selection of test shots at 135mm to see if its a suitable length for general use. I feel that again like the 180mm, it has a place in your camera bag but not for general study use.

50mm f/1.2

So it looks like the often mentioned 85mm is the lens for me for general studio use.

But sometimes for full length shots or when your shooting in a small space, a 35 or 50mm is needed.

So after all that what to own. If your sensible the 24-120mm f/4 zoom, and a 85mm f/1.2 would seem to suite nine out of ten scenarios, and you might want to add a fast 35mm or small space and lower light work.

So what will be in my bag for studio work, likely a 35, 50, 85 and 135mm, so the 85mm is next on my shopping list as I build out my studio primes.

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