Professional Mirrorless Cameras

We are now entering the stage where professional mirrorless cameras are becoming a thing.

Now I am not getting into the debate of, what is a professional camera. For a street artist that might be a little Ricoh GR compact, or a Leica M Monochrom. For a studio worker its likely a big old slow medium format camera. No here we are talking about good all round professional system cameras that can take a beating and get a job done. Whether its snaps of a rapidly unfolding news event, a simple portrait, sports or wildlife. The good all round camera that we then to call open for these duties is the Pro DSLR. Here we think about the Canon EOS 1D and the single digit Nikon’s ie the current Nikon D6.

Many would say we are here already and have been for a while with cameras such as the Olympus OM1.

Olympus OM-D E-1MX

The current model is quite a beast and I would agree it is a pro level camera with good system support.

As is the Leica SL and some would say the Fuji; but its only when Canon and Nikon step up that many people take notice.

So now we are starting to here rumours about the Nikon Z9, which is believed to be a mirrorless D6. This would make it close to a 50 MP camera, 8fps, and its rumoured to have 8k video support in a pro body.

For these wanting high megapixels there will also be a Z8 which will share its sensor with the D850 replacement.

Interesting times ahead.

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