Signs of Spring

You can certainly tell that spring is on the way now.

The Photographer in me has started to spot the Crocus and Snowdrops raising their heads into flower. Thoughts of Macro Photography start to fill my mind.

This bright and sunny Sunday morning saw myself and Caroline pulling on our running shoes and going for a run out of the village. The signs of spring were very much in evidence.

We saw Coal Tits, Chaffinches as well the usual Wood Pigeons, Black Headed Gulls and some very noisy Black Birds.

The fair weather motorcyclists are also starting to make an appearance, they can be spotted on their overly loud Japanese motorcycles, sporting garish one piece leathers. Power Rangers on Rice Rockets is the colloquial term.

Though as a rider of a BMW Motorcycle, that makes me a Pipe and Slippers man, obviously too old to have fun and should be a paid up member of the Advanced Motorcyclist Group, who never go over 50 mph.

Here’s to Spring.

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