Talking down, leading to a spiral down

We all see it, people posting videos on YouTube to get views; camera brand A is going under, brand B is being sold, only Sony has a future. There is a toxic attitude around cameras with their fans pushing the idea, their brand is the only one.

We are now seeing camera news sites, picking up these comments and posting them as ‘news’ reinforcing these ideas. It’s a toxic circle and it makes people hold back from their next purchase.

The Japanese government is not going to let a large camera manufacturer fail. Olympus proved that, and they still have a group of loyal fans on the wait list for their latest pro camera.

Despite what us photographers think, traditional photography is on the way out. People are now using phones, and drones. They want simple cameras with video features like the Nikon Z30 and Sony’s ZV-E10.

There is always going to be people like me who want a decent system camera but we are few and far between, and its going to get to be an expensive hobby, but please lets support each other and are choices not talk the industry down.

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