Technical Quality versus Artistic Merit

You are photographing an event, you catch a small moment in time.

Technically it’s not quite there but you include in the edits you send to the customer.

They love it, feel it captures the whole evening and it’s their most treasured image.

Another photographer looks at this final image and points out what a bad job you made of the photograph.

It’s highlights are blown – over exposed.
It’s subject is not quite in focus.
It’s suffering from camera shake.
You used too low an ISO, and it was shot wide open so the depth of field is too limited for the subject.

Basically he is saying its a bad image and shows you to be a bad photographer.

Who is right?  Should the customer, have been shown a photo that they artistically love but is technically poor and may make some people think you are an inferior photographer?

Something to think about.

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