Time for a new camera?

Of the over three thousand photographs I have taken so far this year the majority have been either on location or in the studio.

Nikon D800 with Flash at Hartsholme Park

If shooting street or simple portraits I use my Leica which is still well up to the job, for studio and location work I am using my now old Nikon D800 and Hasselblad with film or its old PhaseOne digital back.

Model Ivory Flame, Camera Leica M10 and 50mm Summilux-M

So its getting to the point where I need to choose a new body for my studio work. So I’ll be looking again at high end system cameras which will suit the way I work. Leica, Nikon and Hasselblad are likely to be at the top of my list. The pull of high tech features and compatibility will all my portable flash and lens of the Nikon will be a major factor, but the colour depth and editing ability of the images from medium format is also well up there. Then there is the glass of Leica and the ability to also use my M glass.

I feel more posts on the current range of system cameras coming along.

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