Time to Buy a new camera

While in the current climate cameras are difficult to get hold of for some models, in the current economic situation some truly great offers are available.

It’s time to bite the bullet and jump into mirrorless. I have decided the camera is going to be mainly studio and location portraiture with some landscape work. For events, action and street I am going to continue using my Nikon D800 and Leica M10.

I want good flash support and high megapixel count, stunning primes at f/1.2 and f/2 but at a reasonable price. So that rules out the Leica SL and tends me towards Nikon and Canon rather than Sony.

Then ergonomics and feel good in the hand, that again raises Nikon and Canon to the top of the list.

  • Nikon Z7 46MP
  • Canon R5 45MP
  • Sony A7R IV 61MP
  • Leica SL2 47MP

The Sony is 61MP, the highest in this list, the Canon the lowest at 45MP but practically these are all about the same resolution. The old Nikon D3 which 12MP not quite half the resolution of a Nikon Z7 at 46MP. Resolution is measured linearly not over the area.

The difference between these cameras is not going to be visible to the human eye. So on that front they are all about equal.

Build quality and weather sealing for when I shoot landscapes is going again to put Nikon and Canon to the top of the list.

I have used Canon and Nikon in the past and been happy with both. I currently own a lot of Nikon F mount glass, Nikon is always going to be top of the list.

Now to see who has the best offers, the Canon is generally above £4000 but I have seen the Nikon Z7 under £1700, leaving more money for things like the Nikon Z 85mm f/1.2 when its released.

Practically image quality is pretty similar, you may as well buy the model that you get on with the most. I have recently tried the Sony’s and Nikons and due to my years of using Nikons’, that felt the best and was very easy for me to use, so I have purchased a Nikon Z7.

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