V2 firmware does it again – Nikon gives you a new camera for free

Whether you make the argument that Nikon released the Z9 and Z8 too earlier before all the software was available, or you think of it as a hardware stack you release and continually improve as your software team innovates, its been a winner for Nikon.

Both the Z9 firmware v2 release and now the Z8 firmware v2; have dramatically improved the camera bring improvements and new features. The new pixel shift for the Z8 brought from the ZF has turned the Z8 into a portable 180 megapixel landscape beast. For moving subjects it’s a no go but for many this will be a killer new feature.

Nikon released there new financials and the company is doing well but with things cooling in China many company profits may get hit this year, but with the Nikon Z6 mark III coming sometime before May, at least for now things are looking rosey for Nikon and Nikon users.

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