where are the cameras?

We have had steady releases from a number of brands; and once more claims that Nikon are missing in action with no real new camera since the Z9 a year a go. The Z30 just being a re-bodied Z50.

In the last month we have major announcements from most camera companies, but we are still in a world where it is difficult and challenging to get parts. Lots of models have not appeared on the shelves till nearly a year since they have been announced.

So do companies announce a produce then have people unable to buy, or like Nikon stay quiet and not release anything. A little more communication would help matters, and its not as if Nikon have been doing nothing, as their fleshed out lens range shows.

Next year we should see a refreshed Z6/7; will there be a Z8, hopefully so; there is a need for a smaller body of full pro spec.

On the lens front, we have had a big year of telephotos, I think we will see some quality f/1.2 primes this next year.

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