Where do the big two go from here

I am not up to date with the state of current Canon cameras, but Nikon currently have a problem thats only going to get worse.

Sony are currently ruling the roost with their 35mm full frame mirrorless.  Fuji have built up a loyal following with their DX crop mirrorless cameras and Panasonic and Olympus have their MicroFourThirds.

Ashleigh in LR4

Neither Canon or Nikon have muchs to show in the mirrorless range and certainly for Nikon, they have nothing.  Currently the only thing selling for them is the high end D850 which is arguably the best full frame 35mm camera available today and the end D3400 which is almost always on sale.

Nikon S3 Compact – Whitby Lady in Black & White

I expect that both need a foothold soon in cropped mirrorless and full frame mirrorless.

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