Visit to the Father in Law: or Have a play with his new Sony A55

Tuesday as usual we visited the father in law, Alan.

Normally its a motorcycle ride straight from work to the village where he lives, but tonight we headed home first to get the car.  It was a cold day and neither of us were packing our thermal undies; it was likely to be late night so rather then face a cold trip home on the Bike, the car sounded a better bet.  It would also give me a chance to grab my laptop, I wanted to have a play with the default blog options my hosting company provides.

The reason for our visit,  just the usual Tuesday night visit, to inflict my cooking on him.  Today, cauliflower and home made cheese sauce.  At least thats what I made for Caroline and Alan, for myself a burger.  I cannot stand cauliflower.

There was another reason for making the visit.  Alan had purchased a new Sony A55, a fun little camera which I can well recommend for a beginner or someone wanting a small body SLR.  Rather a unique camera with its fixed mirror, kind of a hybrid between a EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Camera) and a normal SLR.

Sony EVIL Hybrid SLR

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