A final day in North Yorkshire

Well today Friday was our last day.

On the Wednesday, we took a trip up to a region of North Yorkshire popular with a number of famous Landscape Photographers, near Pateley Bridge in Nidderdale.  I have to admit whilst not travelling too far I managed to get a number of pictures I am pleased with.  We also visited the oldest sweet shop in England.

Thursday was a trip to Scarborough, I got some good shots of Scarborough Castle.

Today, Friday, was our final day, so we decided on one more castle to visit.  The morning was spent walking around Helmsley Castle. With the low winter sun, illuminating the castle it was well worthwhile carrying around the medium format kit, tripod and Digital SLR.

Carrying all of this around really makes me think about getting a high quality large sensor compact camera.  Then when I want to haul around medium or large format equipment, i’ll just use the compact for reference shots with potential.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a cafe latte and a slice of quiche, wow the slice of quiche was huge.  If you ever in Helmsley try the Castlegate Cafe.

Of course did we get any good pictures in this week?  Well I certainly found some great locations, well worth going back to, but you will have to wait for my picture of the month.

I would say that the light improved as the week went on and as the light improved so did the pictures.

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