A quick sensor cleaning tip

I was asked today about sensor cleaning, after a friend of mine spotted some spots on his landscape shots.

Its generally landscapes that spots become visible.  I’ll have to blog about sensor cleaning in more detail when I have the time but here are a quick few tips.

How to test for sensor dust?  Well set your camera to aperture priority, and set a aperture of about f/8 or greater, the more the better, f/22 or f/32 if your lens can stop down that much.  Then at your base ISO or at least not too high, take a photography of a plain even toned subject.  A bright blue sky is ideal.  Then examine the result in some detail on your computer.  The spots should be fairly obvious.

To do the easiest clean then I recommend a good blower such as a Giotto Rocket.  With the camera switched off and the lens removed, turn the camera upside down and give the sensor a good blow with the blower.  Don’t use canned air, and most certainly do not try blowing with your mouth.

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