a Saturday Photo Shoot

Well instead of work or a commercial shoot, today was a shoot for personal pleasure.

I had a new location to test, and a few ideas, and lighting experiments to try.

Ashleigh was my nominated victim. A local model who was willing to put up with my tests, these involved various shoots indoors and some outdoor shots. She put up with everything wonderfully, including getting soaking wet and having to pose outdoors in a cold January morning.

Tip to other photographers, if your using a light weight light-stand, even if there is no wind, use a sand bag. It does not take much to whip a brolly away!  Also size matters, use the biggest brolly or soft-box you can, it really makes a big difference.

I certainly learned a lot, and am glad I pushed my lighting limits a little further.  Pushing myself meant I got some bad images too, but I also got some great images, thanks Ashleigh, hope to shoot with you again, but this time when its a little warmer.

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  1. Richard,

    Nice shots as always! Looking forward to seeing some more of them next week.

    You are a meany, fancy making the poor girl go outside in this weather and wet too 🙂


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