A year in pictures

Looking through my archive for 2022, I can see some good work.

From snaps around the village, visiting local churches and parks, plus some of work for clients and models.

Hartsholme Park, Lincoln

February I did my first model shoot of the year. A walk through a cold and very windy Lincoln, but one that produced a good selection of images of Casey.

March had me testing out a new location.

Shay was my volunteer to test out the old smoke house in Branston. With the location tested I then booked Lydia for some fashion shots, plus a few for mine and her portfolios.

The two rooms gave us lots of options.

April was a busy month, a holiday in Wales with lots of photography, but also two model shoots, one on location and one in a studio.

May was quiet, so just some personal work, but I also took a few snaps of the village duck race.

June was the Lincolnshire show. Always a great visit with lots of photographic opportunities.

I still did some studio work and of course it was our late queens Jubilee.

July saw the country heating up, every month this year except December had above average temperatures, and with hot air driving down cold polar air masses the winter in some countries was going to get bad. Global warming is a terrible name. We are adding energy into the weather system, for some thats going to be more heat, others more winter snow storms.

With the heat and the browning grass, we had treats for the chickens and lots of shade and extra water available for them.

August and a trip to my favourite location and to work with Joceline a great art nude model who I have wanted to work with for a number of years.

Here in England car boot season was well underway.

September we had more studio work, plus trips into Lincoln.

It was also the month our Queen died.

October had location and studio shoots.

November saw the weather start to turn, so I visited a number of locations to capture the colours.

November was the end of my booked shoots, though next January is looking good.

Now December was a quiet month. A few snaps of the local area, I did miss a few wonderful sunrises but not every dawn dog walk sees me carrying my camera.

As you can see, I am not the only dog walker around visiting the local churches.

So a good photographic year. January 2023 is now also booked up so preparing for February.

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