Adobe Issues – Lightroom v2015.2.1

Orkney Sea ScapeThe shot above was take with my Leica while on board ship, as I came back to Scotland from the Orkney Islands.

Its a stitch from several images which I put together with Adobe Lightroom v2015.1, quite a nice photograph I hope you agree and a very good stitch done automatically via Lightroom.

I still have a number of photographs still to process from my Orkney trip including a number of panorama’s that still need stitching together and some HDR’s that need putting together.

These personal photographs have been on hold for the last few weeks while I finish up my final Wedding Photographs for customers.

But now its back to my own work.  Now I blogged early that Lightroom 2015.2 had been released and it had some issues.  Every time I tried to exit the program it would hang.  The fix I posted early was a work round that stopped that at least.  Well I also found another issue, you cannot create Pano’s from Leica DNG files, I do not if all RAW files are affected or if its just a DNG issue.

Well last night Adobe issued a fix, Lightroom 2015.2.1.  So I tested and the crashing is still there, in fact it crashed the first time I loaded it and the Pano function is still broken.

Now I had to produce some prints this week for a commercial shoot I had done earlier in the year, now I wanted to test printing from Lightroom on Apple’s latest OS, so as I have already upgraded my laptop, I created a new Lightroom catalogue containing these shots and fired up my laptop to print off the images.  Now it all worked fine, in fact not one crash, but I had not done the Adobe workaround on my laptop.

So I checked out a few forums and a number of people mentioned that if they created a new library referencing all there old photographs the new Library did not crash, so last night I gave it a try.  I created a whole new library referencing my existing photographs and guess what, no crash.

So Adobe; please, please , Please, just now fix the pano issue so I can finish up my Orkney Photographs.


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