Adobe Lightroom – integrating workflows

With Adobe Creative cloud we now have the ability to save certain work into the cloud together with our photoshop settings but for a photographer using Lightroom its still a bit of a pain working on multiple machines.

Lincoln 1940's Weekend-2

Often i’ll grab a few shots at lunchtime, upload onto my iPad and into Lightroom mobile.  These then get sync’ed into my main catalogue.  If I work on my main catalogue on my desktop machine in my office this all gets sync’ed between the desktop and iPad, but sometimes i’ll want to work a little bit more on a photograph but when I am away from the office.  I could use the iPad but that is limited, I could use the web version but again its a bit clunky, the best option is to export out the shot(s) into a separate Lightroom catalogue and save that into my cloud storage service (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive etc).  Then I can grab my laptop and work on them, but then I loose the sync with my main catalogue and with the iPad until I import this single standalone catalogue back into my main catalogue.

Adobe need to implement a cloud based catalogue solution so I can grab any of my devices and decide to use the full app, mobile or web based editing and access my photographs.

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