Adobe Lightroom V2015.3 Released

LightroomI have been looking forward to this release after the disaster that was x.2x.

Most people will be pleased to see the old import module back, but it was broken functionality that was killing it for me.  I had to down grade to an older version to finish up my photographs from a shoot.

I also had regular crashing that caused me to have to create a new catalogue which seemed to fix it.  Once I had installed the new version I loaded up my old catalogue and retested, no crashing but I’ll keep with the new one now, as I have a months worth of edits that would need rolling back into the old catalogue.

Lightroom Panoramic

The documentation that accompanied this release did state that it had fixed the tethering issues and the create panoramic issues I was having and I am happy to confirm it certainly seems to have fixed it.


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