Another loss – Annabel the Hen

The other week we lost another hen, Annabel.

Our first batch of hens, the A-Girls (because we called all of them names beginning with A), have faithfully given us eggs of the last few years and in turn have been give the range of the garden at weekends and their enclosed run when we are not around to keep an eye on foxes.

We now have just two, but have taken the opportunity to refurbish the coop and run. ¬†We now have a concrete base to stop the rats tunnelling in and have covered it in a thick covering of hard wood Chipping’s, which they love digging in.

Our next big task is to get hold of a new vivarium for our pet snake Oz and redecorate for him.

In the spring we will get another batch of girls; the B-Girls to keep up are egg supply and to keep us entertained in the garden.

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