Best non Leica Camera for Leica Lens

With the rise of mirror less interchangeable lens cameras, we now have a number of options available to us for mounting Lecia M Lens.

At around £1200-£1500 for a secondhand Leica M8 and £4000+ for the admittedly sublime full frame M9, possibly the highest resolving 35mm digital camera currently available, many people are after a cheaper body, or backup body for their Leica M glass.

The Micro Four Thirds cameras are currently the most popular choices but with there x2 crop factor they can be a little limiting for wide angle users.

The new Sony NEX 7 with its DX (x1.5 crop) sized sensor is possibly on paper the best solution coming up. I am certainly interested in trying it out. So far the Sony NEX line has just not interested me but this camera seems a enthusiasts dream.

If you after a real world review, check out Steve Huff’s recent blog posting.

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