Bikes & Bread

Today we have had the day off and have enjoyed ourselves just being able to do as we pleased.  This meant a pleasant motorcycle ride round parts of Lincolnshire, and included a trip to Wisteria Patchwork.   They had a sale on this week, so some fabric indulgence was a must for Caroline.  Then we headed further North to Kirton in Lindsey, the weather had turned colder at this point so we stopped at Mount Pleasant Windmill and enjoyed some of their warming soup.  I also took the opportunity to stock up on some fresh flour for my own bread making.

We then went home as dark clouds were heading our way.

Once home I proceeded to make some fresh bread while Caroline did some sewing, making some more quilt tops.


Forgive the poor quality shot above, low light and shot with my phone, never conductive to good photography.

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