Black and White or Colour

Back and White?


I am always surprised by the strong views some people have.  Digital verses Film, Print verses Slide, Back & White verses colour.

Now that last one is a weird one to me.

To me an image either suits colour or suits Black & White.

I shoot a lot of Black & White, in fact once I shot nothing but Black & White for two whole years!

Now in the digital world its a lot easier for us, we can pick colour or black and white, and afterwards if we feel we have made the wrong decision then just switch (at least for us RAW shooters).

Often I ask myself, is colour adding anything to the picture, if not then take it out.

At this time of year, with the dreary weather we sometimes have then I often resort to black and white, as colour would add no interest.

Try some Black & White yourself, you might surprise yourself.

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