Camera Bag

Tamrac Apache 2 Messenger BagA woman can never have enough handbags. Whoever said that had never met a photographer.

The perfect camera bag does not existing and I have to admit to owning several. This week I was at it again and bought another.

I was after something to just hold a Leica M with lens attached. A very small pouch just big enough to hold the camera when I was traveling light. Basically this pouch would protect it if I threw it into a small ruck sack or motorcycle tank back. Once at my destination the camera would come out and be carried over my shoulder.

Well it seems such small pouches are hard to find. Most are designed for compacts. My Leica is more a large mirrorless.

I did find one online actually designed for the M but at over £100 for a basic pouch it was a lot to spend.

After a good try out session at my local London Camera Exchange I decided to change track slightly.  I found a pouch that finally did fit but after comparing it to a small bag that would take the camera, spare battery’s and an additional lens; this larger bag was in fact not much bigger then the pouch and was in fact slimmer.

So I bought another camera bag and tried it out. It works well and I can throw it in the bottom of tank bag and still get all my other bits and pieces in so it was a win all round.

In case you wondered this is now camera bag number 10!   That’s bags and cases I actually use.

The bag I bought in case you wondered was the Tamrac Apache 2 Massager Bag in Brown.



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