Camera Upgrades 2021/2021 – Part 1

Nikon D200

I wend digital in 2007 with the Nikon D200. This was the start of the period where Nikon started their climb back to the top. They followed this with the game changer D3/D3x and D300, and Nikon were truly back to the top of their game and the competition was struggling to keep up.

It’s at points like this where system switches jump brands. Personally I have never seen the point, the lead has always changed. Pick a system you enjoy using, feels good in your hand (ergonomics) and has the lens, accessories and features you need.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 105mm

I like to get at lease five years out of a camera body, close to ten if I can.

When the D800 was released in 2012 I upgraded again, from ten to thirty six megapixels, and stunning colour and dynamic range improvements. It was about as good as any camera gets. Since then we have had the D810, and D850 possibly the best high megapixel SLR camera to date and with the pro autofocus from Nikon’s flagship.

So I feel its now time to move on. Portraits and studio work is my main area, with events, weddings and some wildlife. This may be a two camera solution but hopefully one, I’ll be keeping my D800 as a backup but what to choose?

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