Social Media and getting honest reviews

Most of us dive on to Youtube and other social media sites to get news and reviews of the latest and greatest cameras.

Many well known Nikon users get sent sample cameras to try, as do Sony, Canon and Fuji etc.

What is less well know to the general public is that if you highlight a negative, some camera companies they will stop sending you long term loans.

For example. Nikon got a real kicking on social media for the none existent banding issue of the original Z7. In some very extreme conditions if you pushed the exposure and pulled the shadows by six to seven stops sometimes you would have banding in the lower portion of the image. Sony users on social media and Nikon haters in general made a big deal about this. Independent testing showed that the equivalent models from Sony and other manufactures had the same issue, in fact the Sony was worse. You never heard that, only that Nikon was crap.

For social media if someone is receiving free gear on long term loan they can safely trash other brands and only push the positive features of their favourite system so they keep getting the latest gear for free in that system.

We need more honesty in social media. While not camera reviews I feel James Hoffman‘s coffee channel does the best honest reviews of any I have seen.

I would also like to say that I feel Nikon need to up their game on social media, too often they say nothing.

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