Canon’s X Marks the Spot

I am sure all you keen photographers heard about the Canon announcement today of the new EOS 1D X.

As a Nikon SLR user I am as pleased as Canon users to see this camera come out, and I hope it drives 35mm digital photography to new heights, especial with full frame cameras.

Nikon and Canon are in a great race, aways leap frogging each other, depending where you buy in the cycle sometimes Nikon are on top and other times its Canon on top.  Personally, when people ask me for advice, I ways say go for the camera that feels best in your hand.  For some people thats Canon for others thats Nikon.  If you after a killer full frame camera, I doubt you will get much better then this.

As a Nikon user I look forward to the D700’s replacement for my full frame needs.

Panasonic and Olympus are in a simular fight and to a degree are also influenced by Sony with their NEX series.  Currently on paper I have to admit, I feel that Sony have the lead, and as someone who currently has no investment in any small camera system anyone of these three could get my business.  Just produce a camera with great image quality, built in EVA and great fast prime lens.

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