Changeable Weather

I find it hard to believe how changeable the weather has been recently.

Last Sunday was cold but bright and a great morning’s Photography was had.

The first half of this week has been dull and overcast but temperatures have been gradually rising, culminating with Thursday being one of the warmest days, a record for this time of year.  Not only that but we had bright blue skies and lovely sunshine all day long.

With the week just getting better I started to make some plans for the weekend. Possibly a long motorcycle ride to the North York Moors, with camera in hand of course for the Sunday.

Instead the weather is looking decidedly dodgy in the forecast.

We have another day at Whisby Nature Reserve on Saturday for Day 3 of our Bee Keeping Course, which we are looking forward to, so if the weather is nice we will try some more bird photography and hope for a nice Sunday.

One of the joys of living in the British Isle, the weather forecast can often be wrong.

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