Compact System Camera or Single Lens Reflex?

Fuji XEvery week on some forum or the other you will see someone exclaiming that they have ditched their SLR gear and gone mirrorless.

The sales figures for 2014 though still do not show the big pickup in mirrorless sales.  While once again SLR sales are down, they are still vastly greater then CSC sales, which are still not really growing in the western market.   In the far east its a different matter and CSC sales are far better.

The other year I visited a museum that had just had a party of Japanese women visit, every single one of them had something like a Olympus Pen or Nikon J1 round their necks, not one had an SLR.

Certainly as far as sales go here in the UK, its the highend mirrorless that is selling and its selling as companion cameras to SLR users generally.  Though I have noticed more and more of the older generation ditching the SLR for the CSC due to weight concerns.

The big question is are Canon and Nikon going to advance the SLR anymore, because in a few years focus and EVF viewfinders will have reached parity with SLR’s and then where are people going to put there dollars?

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