Corporate Portraits and a Nikon workflow 

Tuesday saw me shoot a few on location corporate portraits. 

I shot jpg & RAW (NEF) using a Nikon D800 with the jpg’s going to SD card the RAW to CF card. 

While still on site I uploaded the jpg’s to my iPad Pro 9.7 and into Adobe Lightroom. 

I then gave them a quick rating. 

Once home, I imported the RAW’s into the Desktop version and had the import process drop them into a collection and sync with Creative Cloud.   Once imported and backed up I left the desktop to render full sized images and went to bed. 

While in bed I grabbed the iPad and sync’ed the ratings between the jpg’s and RAW files. 

I then chose my selects and picks dropped then to separate collections and set the white balance on them all. 

Tomorrow night I hit my desktop and edit my picks that will be sat there waiting for me. 

Now if only Adobe would let me set meta data on the iPad. 

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