Family Stroll through Whisby Nature Reserve

Whitby Walk with Timmy the GreyhoundThis Saturday we decided to have a family stroll through Whisby Nature Reserve. Normally a trip to Whisby Nature Reserve entails a boot full of Nikon DSLR’s, long fast and heavy glass plus a heavy tripod.

Not exactly a fun walk and we normally stop at a hide and set up for a few hours of bird photography.

This time however the purpose was a fun and enjoyable dog walk.

If recent form is any guide you would think I would be grabbing the Leica but this time I decided to use the Nikon V1 and a standard zoom.  A small quick autofocusing camera which can produce good results is what I was after.

The Nikon V1 produces great results and it was the first mirror less design to offer decent autofocus with dedicated focus points on sensor.  The current V3 has some nice features as well but I have yet to see a compelling reason to upgrade over the V1, as the V3 has some of the same issues I have with the V1 and the EVF is optional.

Nikon V3 Series 1

Now Nikon have a number of DL series compacts with the same CX large sensor and with full compatibity with the Nikon Speedlite system, which is what some Nikon Series 1 users have hoped for. They can also use an optional EVF.

Nikon DL

Its seems Nikon’s compact devision have produced a better competitor and now there is even less reason to invest in the Nikon Series 1 system.

Nikon DL Rear View

While the current top of the range model V series the V3 is good I see no reason to buy it over the DL range of compacts with their better lens and Speedlite compatibility.  If your really set on interchangeable lens in a mirrorless system then while as a Nikon user I hate to say it the Sony, Fuji, Panasonic or Olympus are a better choice.

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