Family Update – Gardening

D800 Tests Birds on the ArchSpring now seems to be in overdrive.  I managed to prune a few bushes and trees but all that has to stop now, not only are the trees full of blossom but the bushes seem to be full of Blackbirds and Thrushes making their nests.  A pair of house sparrows has even figured out, how to get under the corner end tile on the roof and make a nest there.

This weekend we took the opportunity because of the fine sunny weather to plant out the peas, beans, and cabbage, as well as the lettuce we have been raising in the cold frame.  The pigeons were looking interested so it will be interesting to see if they last the week.

Monday morning we had a frost again despite the improving weather so we need to get some more seed trays planted up just in case what we have planted out does not survive.

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