Family Update – The House & Garden

We have now been in our new home for about six months.  Both myself and Caroline have celebrated birthdays here and its really starting to feel like home.

Caroline’s sewing room is coming along nicely as is my office or digital darkroom as I call it.

We have also had the workers in and now all windows and doors have been replaced, but its the garden we have also been concentrating on.

Now with the lighter evenings and warmer days the garden has been bursting into life.  A new compost area has been built behind the garage and a garden shredder and new mower has also had to be bought.

The main building work for the raised beds where we intend to grow our vegetables has also been completed.  Caroline has also chopped down two trees that were far to close to the building and blocking a lot of light.  I say Caroline chopped down the trees, as I had a bad cold one recently weekend and while I was asleep in bed she got stuck in.

We have also built a brood box for our bee hives, we still have the supers and frames to complete so we are a bit behind schedule on that front.  There is an old wooden shed at the bottom of the garden and that is being torn down and a hen coop and run built.  It would be lovely to have the veg plot, bees and chickens all in for this year but this is a marathon not a sprint.

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