First Releases of 2015

Lowepro Lens TrekkerThis week we have CES2015, a show that now seems to contain everything from Cars, TV’s to Computers and Drones.

If you get the chance check out the self parking Audi/VW video showing a dog parking a car, very funny.

It’s been the camera and lens announcements I have been listening out for. Particularly Nikon news.

While the camera announcement of the D5500 with its improved fully articulating screen, did not interest me the announcement of a new 300mm f/4 lens did. While I am not in the market for this lens, a good quality f/4 lens is something that Nikon needs more of. Not everyone can afford the fast f/2.8 lens and the slow consumer lens just do not cut it. What we want is a full range of quality zooms and this is something that Nikon have been slow to do unlike Canon.

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