First weekend of July – Time for those backups

20111115-181355.jpgWell the weekends are getting back to normal now and photography is coming back to the fore; I have some wedding photography coming up and hope to get into town with the Leica for a bit of street photography again as well as some medium and large format landscape.

For this weekend it was backups first.  Updating the external Drobo with all my Lightroom data, and also copying it to a big portable Lacie Rugged drive to take down to the office on Monday.  I have one down there all ready with all my data except for this months work.

I like to have a copy off site just in case the worst should happen.

I have also been having a go at batch scanning 35mm Black & Film which I may blog about later.

While my disks are getting worked hard i’ll be popping round to the local school as there having a school fate to raise money.  I’ll be taking the Leica M8 and ‘street shooting’ round the local stalls.

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