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I have been having a bit of a play lately with my DSLR’s. Modern SLR’s have very customisable focus modes, you can set the number of sensors, wide or narrow area, and focus pattern. Add to that lock on time out and you have a confusing system that can be difficult to figure out.

I have five years experience with the Nikon D200 SLR body but still need to practice and familorise myself with all the functions. With a big trip planned soon, and as well as my customary medium format landscape photography, i’ll be shooting wildlife.

Because of that every couple of weekends over the last few months I have been visiting the local parks and RSBP Reserves. Trying different focus modes and techniques.

Today was another visit to a local park with Chris a far more experienced wildlife photographer then me.

I tried various techniques, including programmed auto ISO, aperture priority and shutter priority, to improve my chances of getting a good shot.

Practice makes perfect. As you can see the shots are not perfect, but I have learned a lot a over the last few weeks and have a number of photographs I am extremely pleased with.

Today we saw Herons with young, Mute Swans, Greylag Geese also with young, Canadian Geese, Tufted Ducks, Cootes, and Common Terns.

We saw a number of males competing for females. In particular two male Great Crested Grebes and also two male Coots were really fighting it out. It was quite something to witness.

A good day out.

Update: Chris has just posted his pictures, stunning couple of shots of the Herons.

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