Fuji X100T and my first real tryout

Fuji X100sA few weeks ago I finally got my hand on a Fuji X100T, at first I was less then impressed until I realised that the battery was very low and Fuji’s when low on power and/or have the power save features selected do limit some features.

On Tuesday this week I had another play, thanks to the local Lincoln London Camera Exchange.  This time I was much more impressed, after setting the power mode correctly and ensuring that there was a fully charged battery I managed to give it a good test.

I liked the way the optical viewfinder works and the speed of performance is now more then fast enough.

I am still torn in the direction I should take with my compact.  I might just in the end buy a better small bag for my Leica and use it with a 24mm, 28mm, or 35mm lens.  If not that then its something like the Leica X, Ricoh GR, or Fuji X100.

Still in usability the the Fuji is a great little of camera, the only concern I have is with the X-Trans sensor, and the option that if I want a compact, then go completely left of field and buy a Olympus OM-10, which is as small as most good quality compacts.

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