Getting that ‘Photo of the Month’ – Part 2

Well the first attempt to get some decent shots came close, but I felt I still needed to get some more material.  There was one idea in particular that I thought would work, but where to go.

How about a trip to our local National Trust Stately Home?

So we packed the car with the Medium Format Camera gear, tripod and once again the Nikon D200 with the Macro 105mm f/2.8 Lens, which is what I was intending to use to get ‘The Shot’ I had in my head.

The weather had potential, light rain, but very dark black skies.  There was a hint of potential sunshine breaking through later.

We arrived at Belton House near Grantham at lunch time, shortly after they had opened.  The hint of sunshine vanished so I left the Medium Format Gear in the boot of the car, but still took the D200.

Around the Italian garden I got a number of lovely shots as the sun once again appeared.

I also attempted the shot I had in my head as the ‘Photo of the Month’.  Did I succeed well as you can see above I did manage some excellent atmospheric photographs.

Tomorrow I’ll publish my Photo of the Month and you can judge for yourself.

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