Happy Birthday Mac OS X

OS X - Ten Years Ols

I just found out that its the Mac OS X Operating System’s 10th Birthday today.

Its certainly come a long way.  While at work I use Windows, Solaris, Redhat and AIX, at home I stopped using Windows as my primary operating system not long after Windows XP was released.

Working my way through various versions of Linux before finally settling happily on Fedora Linux.

Well that changed when I decided to buy Caroline a Wedding Present of an Apple Powerbook.  OS X was just so easy to use, never getting in the way and just letting you get on with the work at hand.

While Apple users may like to claim Mac’s never crash this is not true but they certainly do not crash often, certainly an improvement on Windows, NT4, 2000, XP and 2003.

Through what little I have used Windows 7 it to looks very good now but I think i’ll stick with OS X for a few more years.

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