Happy New Year to Everyone

A New Year and its going to be new start to my photography.

The last couple of years has seen me do very little photography.  I used to shoot at lot of landscapes, architecture and studio work,  I had even  shot the odd model portfolio for a Peterborough model agency.

But for some reason the creative side of me lost interest in photography.

Luckily for me we have a few keen photographers here at work, and them together with inspiration from internet sites such as Luminous Landscape sparked my interest again.

I had always ignored digital, not as good, not real, and the cameras were slow and hard to use.

Last year showed me that digital cameras has started to come of age. I had the pleasure of shooting with Canon 1DII , and I also got to try the Nikon D70, both were a pleasure to shoot with.

I have decided that i’ll give digital a try and to that end I have purchased a basic Nikon digital compact, to get me started.

There is a lot to learn but the adventure starts next month.

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