Harry Potter

More snow and a forecast of more to come.   This made us decide to commute to work in the car again.  Not our favourite form of transport for the trip to work.  The journey was accompanied by heavy snowfall so the right decision was definitely made.

After work, we went to a local restaurant for a meal, followed by a short walk in the snow to a good coffee shop.  Cinnamon Latté of course!

Then off to the cinema.  We had been promising ourselves a visit to see the new Harry Potter film since it was released in November, but it was not till tonight we managed to find the time.

Overall a fun film and a nice night out.  As always the film had its good parts and as always for us book lovers, it missed out parts we wanted to see.  A film is always a compromise, certainly I would hate to be a screen writer, but overall it was well worth seeing, and has whet the appetite for the final part of the series.

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