Hasselblad and Leica M Mount Rumours

Film Scans in LR4
Film Scans in LR4

This week I have been hearing rumours about a new M mount camera but with a CCD sensor.

CCD has some advantages over CMOS, the noise is more random, giving a more natural looking image. The big advantage of CMOS is low noise at high ISO.

Still since Leica moved from CCD to CMOS people have been complaining, but with careful processing its actually very hard to tell the difference.

Hasselblad have now announced a press conference on the 22nd June, this is rumoured to be a digital XPan.  With these two rumours people are now putting 1 + 2 together and getting 5, a new Hasselblad M mount camera.  I do not feel this is likely but with Leica releasing cameras like M-D anything is possible.

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