Hex Core Mac Pro

As those of you know who read this blog, I have been thinking hard about what my next computer will be. 

Buying high end  Mac Laptops has so far done me well. I get seven years out of them before Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom force me to upgrade. 

Looking at machines now on this website here, I am driven by the want (not need) of a smaller lighter laptop, eg a MacBook Air. 

The Air great as it is, is not really suited to Adobe heavy lifting. So instead I have been looking at refurb MacPro Desktops. 

Well after much waiting a range of MacPros from Quad core 256GB SSD 12 GB RAM to Octo core 1TB SSD 32GB models appeared. 

A mid range Hex core with 512 SSD 16GB look good and I had a good think. This was Tuesday night. 

By the time I had decided to buy it had gone. 

But on Wednesday morning one of the spec I wanted was back. A quick email to my wife to approve the purchase and I clicked buy. 

Well it arrived Thursday morning and I’ll be spending the next few days setting it from scratch rather then importing all my junk off my laptop. 

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