Hobbies – Too many and too expensive

Occasionally I look at things and think to myself that would be fun or that would make a good hobby.

The problem with most hobbies is they cost money and take time, and really you need to limit yourself to just one.

Many of my friends play golf or squash and this looks like a fine hobby, keeping you fit as well as looking interesting.  But I think to myself that I would not have time for them.

Currently I dabble in IT, try to play the piano and banjo; photography is a major hobby, love reading walking (especially with Timmy the Greyhound) and run several blogs.  Its a struggle to fit it all in.  Recently I have been looking at doing more kayaking and sailing but again its the time.

The time for me is a bigger issue then the money, its just a shame I could not just give up on work and concentrate on all my hobbies, but then I would not have the money for my hobbies.

First World Problems!

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