Holiday Highlights – Ness of Brodgar

MaeshoweIf your into archaeology, wildlife or even scuba diving, the Islands of Orkney are one of the best places in the world to visit.

For this this visit we concentrated on the archaeology and while we visited and entered the tombs of Maeshowe which was as spectacular as we remembered once I had managed to climb inside, and also the site of Skara Brae were the stone age (neolithic) homes are remarkably preserved.SkaraBrae


But for us the highlight of the trip was the Ness of Brodgar, this site was discovered just after our last visit ten years ago when the local land owner went to plough this field for the first time.  Immediately he hit stone and after the geo-physics had been done it was revealed that the whole site was covered with the remains of stone buildings.

For the last then years for the the eight weeks of summer they did at this site and discover more, its one of the great finds of prehistory in the world, a temple complex over five thousand years old.NessofBrodgar


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