Hotel Wireless – Free for some, paid for others

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, after last weeks long weekend, it was followed by a hard week at work.

At the start of this week I had to pop down to London for a couple of days.  I was travelling light, but still took the iPad.  I fully intended to write a few blog posts but came across a very iritating but common issue.

Often during the day I came across free WiFi.  Even at the hotel there was free WiFi in the bar, but at the end of the day after I had retired to my room to write up my notes for the day and update my blog, the internet access in my room was paid only.

I could walk in off the street, have a drink in the bar and use free WiFi, but as a paying customer who had booked a room for the night, who wanted to use the internet in his room, I had to pay extra for the privilege.

Not fair.  So here instead of my usual update you get a quick rant instead.  Sorry guys!

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