iOS 10

iOS 10

Here in the UK iOS 10 was released at 18:00 on Tuesday night.  I was looking forward to this more then the new iPhone, my iPhone 6 Plus is still going strong with no issues, I skipped the 6S and will skip the new 7.

I was not at home when it was released but had my laptop, iPad and iPhone with me and internet access.  I had made sure that my iDevices were backed up, but also before updating I checked out the forums to see what issues people were having.  Lucky I did as the OTA (over the air) update was corrupt so many users ending up having to restore their phones.  Apple quickly resolved that and once the reports looked good I upgraded my phone.  When I was happy with that I then updated the iPad.

Once again iOS10 is more polish and has changed a few things including getting rid of the iconic swipe to open.  Overall I like the changes.

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