iPad Pro 9.7 – a new Purchase

iPadProWith my testing recently and discovering I can have a working RAW workflow when I use DNG’s on a iPad, I have decided to pull the trigger on a new iPad Pro 9.7.  My old iPad is back from 2011 and while its a bit slow in places (this seems to have improved with 9.3), I like the idea and ability to use the pencil for editing on the new smaller iPad Pro.

With ability to process RAW files from my Leica and from my PhaseOne digital back, this means I have a workable workflow for the majority of my photography use.

Wedding and wildlife I use my SLR and as Canon and Nikon use proprietary RAW files, i’ll have to use a laptop or desktop but most of the other jobs I can do the initial work in the field on the iPad.

Its now going to be interesting to see if cameras like the Leica SL can replace the SLR.  As Leica use DNG, I could go all Leica and not worry any more about proprietary RAW files and more.

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