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The iPad Pro is now out and a lot of people are asking me should they get it?

With many of these things, we want the toys but we do not ask each what problem is it that we want it to solve.

The Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft’s surface are all trying to bridge the gap between the modern tablet and the laptop.

From a photographers point of view I don’t think the iPad Pro is any better then say a normal iPad.  Until software like Lightroom Mobile supports a RAW import driven workflow you are still tied to using a full blown computer.

You can tether with a laptop using programs such as CamRanger which supports Canon and Nikon cameras but you are stuck with a jpeg workflow.

At the moment I see the iPad Pro as being something for graphic artists.  The pencil is very clever and people who have to draw will love it.

The keyboard while nice is still in someways an afterthought.  For some functions you can use the keyboard but others are touch only and you have to move your hands off the keyboard to touch the screen.  The iPad and the Microsoft Surface both suffer from this but at least the Surface is a full blown laptop and can use the full version of Lightroom so work with a RAW workflow, but the Surface does seem to have issues with its USB ports and people report issues with tethering, a normal laptop is possibly better.


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