iPhone 5

Well after all the hype the new iPhone5 was released last Friday, rather then queue I placed an order on line, and it arrived last night.

What are my initial views?  Well first its very light and not much bigger then the old iPhone4 but the screen is much better, that half an inch really makes a difference.

The other thing is the speed, except for a slight pause opening iBooks, everything seems to happen instantly.

As a Photographer I have of course been testing out the camera.

I have been impressed with the results from the iPhone4, for a phone it was very good, but over the last two years the bar has definitely moved.  So far I have just been playing with the panoramic function.  It works like that in many Sony Cameras where you sweep the camera slowly across the scene.

For an indoor shot in bad light under mix source light, I thought it did a very commendable job.

Now to get my old iPhone4 unlocked so that Caroline can have it.

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