Its Christmas!

December and more steady work. We worked up to Christmas Eve and also collected our goose for Christmas lunch while on our lunch break. We only had to provide cover till 15:30 then it was a quick bike ride home with the goose safely tucked into the top box.

Once home we relaxed and had a selection of nibbles such as Olives, Cheese and biscuits etc, while drinking Champagne.

With all the snow Caroline’s father was not going to risk the long drive to Caroline’s elder sister so he came to us for Christmas lunch. A very pleasant day all in all.

Boxing day saw an improvement in the weather and we all spent the day with Caroline’s dad, and the rest of the family also descended on him. How can small children make so much noise. We also had two more iPhones join the family. They certainly seem to be popular.

The week between Christmas and New Year saw us back at work on cover but we had booked New Year’s Eve off. In the morning Richard used the excuse of going shopping to take a fifty mile blast round the north of the county on the GS Motorbike.


New Year’s Eve was spent pretty much like Christmas Eve, with red wine followed by Champagne to welcome in the new decade.

Heres wishing you all a prosperous and happy 2010. Here in the Brown household were certainly looking forward to better times. We spend far too much time in hospitals in 2008/9 and we have some unhappy memories to forget.

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